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How to Choose the Best Log Splitter

If you are considering purchasing a log splitter, you need to understand your needs so that you select the most appropriate machine for you. The following factors should be put into consideration when you are buying your log splitter.

Determine the size of the log that you are planning to split before you make any purchasing decisions. For instance, if you will be splitting large woods on a daily basis, you require a heavy duty log splitter. Also, there are different models that are made for home use and others for industrial use.

Similarly, look at the length and the diameter that the machine can handle, and choose one that has the right splitting range. It is recommended that you choose a splitter that accepts wood with larger diameters and lengths. The powerful the machine, the higher the size of log it can handle.

Understand the various types of log splitters before you make your purchase. A manual log splitter is suitable when you have small volumes of wood, however, it requires a lot of time and effort. Gas log splitters are very powerful and tough although they are expensive while electric log splitters are more affordable but do not have much power like gas splitters. Take your time and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of log splitters so that you can make an informed decision.

Also, most log splitters come in horizontal and vertical models. The horizontal type is smaller and less expensive compared to the vertical splitter. For vertical log splitters, it is appropriate for industrial use because they are large and can split higher volumes of wood.

Be sure to purchase your machine form a highly recognized company that is known for its quality products. Visit their website and find out what other customers think about the quality of their log splitters. If a manufacturer has many negative feedbacks or complaint against them, consider buying from another company.

Make sure that the machine has wheels to allow movements especially if it large in size. This is important so that you can move the splitter to a safe place like the garage. Consider the cycle time of the machine because you want to ensure that you will split the logs in less time.

The log splitter should have a safety zone where you can stand when you are operating it so that you get injured by the flying woods. Lastly, compare the prices of different machines while taking into consideration the additional features.

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